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Closed course
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England Wales

All Courses at providers in England and Wales

This field identifies Courses that are restricted to certain groups of people and are not available to any suitably qualified candidate.

These are courses that are not generally available to any suitably qualified candidate, but only to employees of particular companies or organisations that are meeting the costs of students' studies. This being the case, few students on such courses will be claiming student support.

Closed courses will not commonly be marketed or advertised in general prospectuses or in course searches on an provider's main website, because enrolment on them is not open to the general public. The content of such courses will also commonly be tailored towards the needs of the employers concerned.

Higher education qualifications taken as part of an apprenticeship should not be treated as closed courses.

The Open University is required to send this field for all non-English/Welsh parts.


Reason Required
Used to allow monitoring of provision that is not open to all qualified candidates and therefore the extent to which public money is being used to support this activity. To allow HEFCW to monitor the provision of closed courses to ensure they are not used in funding allocations.
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Valid Values
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01Closed course
02Not a closed course
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Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes added to confirm the field should be returned by the Open University for non-English/Welsh parts.