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Fully flexible indicator
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All Courses where applicable

This field indicates where the Course is fully flexible.

Where the Course is fully flexible, 01 is returned in this field. If the Course is not fully flexible, this field is not returned.

Fully flexible courses are those where students apply to complete a full qualification but are entitled to study this at their own pace rather than during a set timeframe. There may be a maximum amount of time a student has to complete the qualification, but during this time students have a high degree of flexibility in the intensity at which they study and may take breaks in learning. A course is not necessarily fully flexible if there are arrangements in place for students to take a study break by notifying the provider.


  • A student applies to complete a First Degree at a provider. They have up to 12 years in which to complete this and are able to study at their own pace. This is considered fully flexible.
  • A student applies to complete a single module at a provider. After completion, they may choose to study additional modules which could be combined to lead to a qualification. This is not considered fully flexible as the student has not signed up to the overall qualification from the outset.
  • A student applies to complete a part-time First Degree at a provider. The modules are run at set times, but the student has some flexibility as to how many modules they study each year. This is not considered fully flexible as the modules have defined timescales.
  • PhD courses are not considered fully flexible as they still entail set periods for research, writing up and completion.
Reason Required
To identify fully flexible courses in order to monitor the style of delivery of courses, assist in the analysis of activity against this. It is also required for the removal of these courses from the coverage of certain fields where the concepts do not apply to a fully flexible course.
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01Fully flexible course
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Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes added to confirm that PhD courses are not considered fully flexible.