Qualification identifier(QUALID)

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Qualification identifier
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The unique identifier for the Qualification that students on this Course are aiming for.

This field serves as a link to the Qualification entity which records the qualification type, subject and awarding body for the relevant qualification.

For visiting students (where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE exists) who are assigned to a Course with no particular qualification or aim, the following codes can be used (depending on the level of study) for the Qualification.QUALCAT associated with that Course:

D0005 Studying at level D, with formal or informal credit
E0005 Studying at level E, with formal or informal credit
H0020 Studying at level H, with formal or informal credit
I0013 Studying at level I, with formal or informal credit
L0003 Studying at level L, with formal or informal credit
M0024 Studying at level M, with formal or informal credit

These will not be available to use in QualificationAwarded.QUALID. If an award is given to a visiting student following completion of the Engagement, the accurate code must be returned.

Reason Required
To monitor qualification aims of students, to define populations of different student groups, to monitor aims against outcomes.
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Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes added to notes for visiting students (where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE exists).