Research council student identifier(RCSTDID)

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Research council student identifier
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Optional for all Engagements where Engagement.RCSTDNT is not 9997 except where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE exists or (Leaver.ENGENDDATE - Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE <= 14 days and RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12).

This field records the student's research council student identifier

This field records the Personal identifier issued by the Je-S (Joint electronic System) used since December 2004 to capture student and researcher details by the Research Councils. 
Identifiers can be obtained from the Je-S Person details screens on the Je-S Portal. 
While this field has historically been optional, UKRI have requested changes to improve coverage for Research Council funded students. RCSTDID facilitates the robust linkage of UKRI and HESA student data, which helps UKRI better understand students receiving UKRI funding and may also provide opportunities to reduce data entry requirements in the long term by avoiding duplication. For the 22-23 record a new tolerance has been introduced encourage more providers to submit this data. In future collections RCSTDID may become mandatory. 
Two formats are in use. Only personal identifiers in either the 7-character format XnnnnnC or the 8-character format XnnnnnnC (where X is an alpha character, n is numeric and C is an alpha check digit) should be returned. 

Reason Required
To allow linking of HESA data to that held by the Research Councils.
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