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Estranged student
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Parent Entity
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All Students at providers in Scotland where EntryProfile.PERMADDCOUNTRY = XF, XG, XH, XI, XK, XL, GG, JE or IM and Qualification.QUALCAT starts with H, I, J or C or is M0002 and the Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE for the Engagement is after 2020-07-31 except where (Leaver.ENGENDDATE - Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE <= 14 days and RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12) or (CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID = 027 or StudentInitiative.STUINITID = 027 or 030)

This field records if the student is estranged, based on their own self-assessment.

The below recommended question has been developed by UCAS in collaboration with Stand Alone and a number of HEPs:

Would you consider yourself estranged from your family (i.e. not supported by your family)?



An estranged person is someone who no longer has the support of their family due to a breakdown in their relationship which has led to ceased contact. This might mean your biological, step or adoptive parents or wider family members who have been responsible for supporting you in the past.

Tick Yes if you feel this description applies to you.

Reason Required
This data is required so that SFC, other public bodies and HEIs can plan and make informed decisions to improve the opportunities and outcomes for estranged students. The SFC want to know the retention and outcomes for this group of students to see how this compares with other groups of students and to see if progress is being made in these. They also want to know the characteristics of estranged students, such as their age and gender, and the types of course they are studying on to enable policies to be developed to support these students.
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98Prefer not to say
99Not available
Revision History
Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes updated to match legacy Student and Student Alternative return - date restriction added. Further change to exclude 2 week SLC rule. amended to remove upskilling students at providers in Scotland. updated to remove reference to first engagement and amended to exclude 2 week SLC rule and where RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12.