Funding completion(FUNDCOMP)

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Funding completion
Short Name
Parent Entity
Applicable To
England Northern Ireland Wales

All StudentCourseSessions at providers in Northern Ireland and Wales where StudentCourseSession.RSNSCSEND exists and Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE does not exist. 

Optional for all StudentCourseSessions at providers in England where StudentCourseSession.RSNSCSEND exists and Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE does not exist.

This field records the student's funding completion status with respect to the associated StudentCourseSsession.

This data is optional for providers in England, so the guidance below only applies where a provider chooses to return the data.

This field is only required to be returned once the associated StudentCourseSession has ended to record the funding completion status of the StudentCourseSession.

This field can optionally be returned throughout a StudentCourseSession.

This relates to the funding completion status of the StudentCourseSession and so may not always align to a year of the student's study, for example if they transfer between courses.

Coding of this field should be consistent with the definitions of the provider's funding council or regulator and the early statistics return where applicable.

Where a student transfers to another provider as part of a collaborative doctoral programme having completed all planned activity at the reporting provider, this should be treated as completion and code 01 returned. If they transfer without completing all of the planned activity, this should be treated as non-completion and code 02 returned.

If code 03 is returned this should be subsequently updated once the student either completes, fails to complete or partially completes.

Code 04 -  Partially completed the StudentCourseSession (HEFCW rules) - should only be returned by providers in Wales.

Any queries on the coding of this field should be addressed to the relevant funding council or regulator.

Reason Required
To monitor completion status according to funding definitions. Used in a wide variety of analyses to identify Student who have completed/partially completed their year of study and to monitor numbers of non-completions.
Field Length
Quality RulesQuality Rules to follow
Minimum Occurrence
Maximum Occurrence
Primary Key?
Valid Values
CodeCoding Frame Label
01Completed the current StudentCourseSession
02Did not complete the current StudentCourseSession
03StudentCourseSession not yet completed, but has not failed to complete
04Partially completed the StudentCourseSession (HEFCW rules)
Revision History
Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes updated, this field is now optional for providers in England following publication of the OfS burden review.