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Funding length
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England Northern Ireland

All StudentCourseSessions at providers in England and Northern Ireland

This field records the length of the StudentCourseSession for funding purposes.

FUNDLENGTH should be re-evaluated for each StudentCourseSession.

Valid entry 96 can be used where the student does not fall within the HESES population. Providers can, if they so wish, use the other valid entries for all StudentCourseSessions, irrespective of whether the students are in the HESES population.

01 Long (45 weeks or more) 

For full-time courses, the year of instance should be classified as ‘long’ if students are normally required to attend for 45 weeks or more within that student course session. 

When determining length, students are deemed to be attending the provider if they are actively pursuing full-time studies towards the qualification. Student course sessions that are not long are referred to as standard length. 

If the student course session is 45 weeks or more in length because of a period of work-based study, then the student course session is not counted as long. This applies to both learning in the workplace and work experience, including work placements. Sandwich years out cannot therefore be recorded as long, nor would we generally expect foundation degrees, qualifications taken as part of an apprenticeship or student course sessions for pre-registration courses in nursing, midwifery and allied health to be recorded as long. 

For undergraduate students, long years of instance typically occur in accelerated programmes where the qualification is achieved in a much shorter time than normal. The following are not criteria in defining a long StudentCourseSession:

The number of credit points studied in the year. 

a)   The eligibility of a full-time student under the undergraduate student support arrangements for a ‘long courses loan’. 

b)  For postgraduate students, most long years of instance will be for higher degrees such as a masters’ qualification. 

For part-time courses, the distinction will depend on the number of weeks of study of each year for an equivalent full-time course. The number of weeks attended within the student course session for part-time students is irrelevant in determining whether the student course session is long.

02 Standard

A student course session should be returned as standard if it does not meet the criteria to be returned as long.

Reason Required
To support reconciliation of Early Statistics and HESA, required for the DfE (NI)'s teaching funding model.
Field Length
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Valid Values
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01Long (45 weeks or more)
96Not in HESES population
Revision History
Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes to guidance notes following publication of the OfS burden review - part one.