Inactive module flag(INACTIVEMOD)

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Inactive module flag
Short Name
Parent Entity
Applicable To
England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All ModuleInstance entities where applicable

This field records if the ModuleInstance has no activity associated with it

Where the ModuleInstance has no activity that would contribute to a student's FTE, this field must be returned to indicate this.

This only applies where there is no activity attributable to the full ModuleInstance, if activity applied to this ModuleInstance in a previous reference period, this field should not be returned.

Examples where this field would be returned are:

  • The ModuleInstance is only returned to record the student resitting the exams for a Module, with all of the activity on this Module having been reported in a previous ModuleInstance.However, if the student was retaking part of the module, rather than just resitting the exams, then this activity would contribute to their FTE and so this field would not be returned.
  • The ModuleInstance is only returned to report a ModuleInstance.MODULEOUTCOME. If a student has completed all their activity but the result is not yet known then a ModuleInstance would need to be returned when the student is not active in order to record the result once it is known.
Reason Required
To identify ModuleInstances with no activity in order to exclude them from certain derivations, for example related to FTE.
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01Inactive module instance
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