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Language percentage
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Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All ModuleInstance entities where Module.MODLANGID exists and Qualification.QUALCAT starts with E, M, H, I, J or C, where applicable.

Optional for all ModuleInstances where Module.MODLANGID exists and Qualification.QUALCAT starts with D or L, where applicable.

This field indicates the proportion of the ModuleInstance that was taken in the language indicated in Module.MODLANGID.

Module data is optional for Postgraduate Research students. Data regarding delivery languages for these students is therefore returned in the StudentCourseSession.PGRLANGID and StudentCourseSession.PGRLANGPCNT fields. It is recognised that the same module may be associated with postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students so this field may be optionally returned for modules associated with postgraduate research students to prevent the need for additional modules to be returned.

Where the Moduleis available in a Celtic language (indicated in Module.MODLANGID), this field should be returned for any ModuleInstances that were taken, in whole or in part, in the language indicated.

If the ModuleInstance was not taken in the language in Module.MODLANGID then this field is not returned.

This field can contain a value between 0 and 100 and can be recorded to one decimal place

Providers in Wales

For providers in Wales, the proportion returned should be based on all delivery that is through the medium of Welsh. If providers are not able to calculate percentages for individual Module instances, it is acceptable to use an average percentage for a Module as a whole for those students who have at least some of their module through the medium of Welsh. Providers should not use this as a default position and should record the data on a student by student basis wherever possible.

For further guidance on the completion of this field and entity, and in particular with reference to activities which constitute learning through the medium of a Celtic language, please refer to the provider's funding or regulatory body.

Reason Required
To enable analysis of the delivery of teaching through the medium of a Celtic language.
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