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Mobility scheme
Short Name
Parent Entity
Applicable To
England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All OffVenueActivity entities

This field records the scheme associated with the OffVenueActivity.

Code 01 'Provider' includes anything organised as part of the provider's course (i.e. placements, field work etc.)

Code 02 should be used for sandwich placements. This should exclude any placement that is part of an ERASMUS+ scheme or Turing Scheme, which should be coded 03. The definition of sandwich in this instance should be consistent with regulating and funding council definitions.

Code 03 includes Erasmus Mundus, Comenius, Tempus and Erasmus for All.

Code 04 should be used where the scheme is not captured by the other codes. 

Code 05 should be used where students on the Turing Scheme are in receipt of Turing Scheme funding. Students on the scheme not in receipt of Turing Scheme funding should be coded 01 or 04 as appropriate.

Code 06 can only be used by providers in Wales. More information on Taith can be found here

Reason Required
To monitor trends in mobility experiences and for use in further studies into the longer-term impact of participation in mobility schemes, for example employability.
Field Length
Quality RulesQuality Rules to follow
Minimum Occurrence
Maximum Occurrence
Primary Key?
Valid Values
CodeCoding Frame Label
02Sandwich placement which meets the criteria set out by funding councils, not including ERASMUS+ or Turing Scheme
04Other scheme
05Turing Scheme
Revision History
Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes entry 05 label has been amended from 'International Learning Exchange programme' to 'Turing Scheme', and a new valid entry has been added '06 - International Learning Exchange programme'. valid entry 06 has been added. Label update has been made to clarify code 02 and guidance notes updated to including Turing Scheme. Guidance notes updated to clarify use of valid entries 05 and 06. The reference to the Junior Year Abroad (JYA) scheme has been removed.