Qualification proportion(QUALPROPORTION)

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Qualification proportion
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All QualificationSubject entities

This field indicates the proportion allocated to each subject contributing to a Qualification

This field indicates the proportion applicable to the subject recorded in the associated QualificationSubject.QUALSUBJECT and allows providers to assign their own broad percentages for Qualifications with multiple subjects.

It is not expected that these percentages will be derived from a detailed analysis of the contributions of subjects to individual students' programmes of study but will instead be based on a broad assessment of the relative contributions of each subject.

It is expected that providers will apply the same percentages to all Qualifications with similar proportional splits. The standard percentages below are recommended for balanced two subjects, major minor subjects and balanced triple subjects. Where broad assessment of the subject contributions differs from these percentages, alternative values can be returned.

Balanced50 for each of the two subjects
Major-minor67 and 33
Triple34, 33 and 33

A value between 5 and 100 is returned in this field and can be recorded to one decimal place. The sum of all values returned must add up to 100 for a given Qualification.

Reason Required
To record the contribution of subjects for qualifications, to allow for analysis of students by subject area.
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Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes description for data item. added to confirm that the value can be recorded to one decimal place.