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All SessionStatus entities

This field records the status the student has moved to.

01 'Active'

This is not required to be returned where student is active for the whole StudentCourseSession. Where one of the other statuses has applied within a StudentCourseSession and the student returns to an active status, this status should be returned with the SessionStatus.STATUSVALIDFROM indicating when they returned to an active status.

02 'Dormant'

If a student takes a break in learning, they must be recorded as dormant. This could be:

  • Part way through a StudentCourseSession, if the student takes a break in learning in the middle of the session
  • At the end of the StudentCourseSession. If a student completes their StudentCourseSession but is known to be going dormant, a dormant status would be returned with the SessionStatus.STATUSVALIDFROM field recording the date after the StudentCourseSession.SCSENDDATE
  • The day after the end of the previous StudentCourseSession, if the student went dormant unexpectedly between StudentCourseSessions

For further examples on recording dormancy, please see the Dormancy Scenarios guidance document.

03 'Intercalate'

If a student is studying at Provider A and intercalating at Provider B, Provider A does not need to return the student during the intercalation period.

At the end of the StudentCourseSession prior to the intercalation, a status of intercalate would be returned with the SessionStatus.STATUSVALIDFROM field recording the date after the StudentCourseSesion.SCSENDDATE to indicate that the student will be intercalating the following year.

For more information, please see student 7 in the Dormancy Scenarios guidance document. Please note that for all the dormancy scenarios in this guidance page, the same logic would apply to the 'Intercalate' flag in the SessionStatus entity. 

04 'Writing-up'

Students who are actively writing-up are not considered to be dormant by HESA (unless the student does intermit whilst they are writing up). A StudentCourseSession is required for these students with a SessionStatus of writing-up. The status must be recorded as writing-up in each StudentCourseSession where this applies, even if the move to writing-up occurred in a previous StudentCourseSession.

The SessionStatus.STATUSVALIDFROM date must be updated when the student moves between periods of writing up and dormancy. However providers do not need to return an updated SessionStatus if the student moves between dormancy and writing up in order to accommodate corrections.

Writing-up is generally associated with research students. Students on taught masters courses should not typically be moved to a writing-up status within their standard registration period. For example, students on a one-year taught masters course would not be expected to have a Session Status indicating that they are writing up until after completion of the 12-month registration period.

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To record where students are writing-up, intercalating and dormant, to assist in calculating populations.
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