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Term time accommodation type
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All Students where the latest StudentCourseSession.SCSMODE = 01, 02 or 03 and the student is in attendance at the provider, except where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE exists or  SessionStatus.STATUSCHANGEDTO = 02 for the entire reference period) or (Leaver.ENGENDDATE - Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE <= 14 days and RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12) or (CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID = 027 or StudentInitiative.STUINITID = 027 or 030).

This field records the type of accommodation the student is living in during term time

This field is required to be returned for full-time students who spend any time in attendance at the provider during the reference period i.e. they are not dormant, on a placement, studying abroad or distance learning for the entirety of the reference period.

The student may therefore be in coverage in some reference periods and not others if they, for example, take a placement for part of their Engagement, or move to part-time.

If the student moves to a full-time mode part way through their Engagement, this field should be returned from when they become a full-time student.

04 Own residence includes a student's permanent residence, which may be either owned or rented by them.

05 Other rented accommodation refers to a more temporary arrangement e.g. where a number of students each rent a room in the same house on a yearly basis.

This data must be updated throughout a student's Engagement where applicable.

Reason Required
To monitor student accommodation patterns including patterns of students living at home. Used for approximations of student support eligible populations.
Field Length
Quality RulesQuality Rules to follow
Minimum Occurrence
Maximum Occurrence
Primary Key?
Valid Values
CodeCoding Frame Label
01Provider maintained property
02Parental/guardian home
04Own residence
05Other rented accommodation
06Private-sector halls
08Not available
Revision History
Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes updated to match legacy Student and Student Alternative return - change to exclude 2 week SLC rule and dormant students. to guidance notes regarding movement to part time. updated to match legacy Student and Student Alternative return - change to exclude 2 week SLC rule, dormant students and RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12.