Predicted student load(PREDICTEDSTULOAD)

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Predicted student load
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Applicable To

All StudentCourseSessions at providers in Scotland where StudentCourseSession.STULOAD does not exist, except where (SessionStatus.STATUSCHANGEDTO = 02 for the entire reference period) or (Leaver.ENGENDDATE - Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE <= 14 days and RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12).

This field records the FTE that a student is expected to complete for the StudentCourseSession.

This field records the estimated FTE for the full StudentCourseSession.

This figure should be updated throughout the StudentCourseSession if the student's predicted FTE changes. For example if part way through the StudentCourseSession a student decided to take an additional module on top of their expected modules, the StudentCourseSession.PREDICTEDSTULOAD would be increased.

The actual FTE completed by the student during the StudentCourseSession must be recorded in the StudentCourseSession.STULOAD once the StudentCourseSession has ended. The StudentCourseSession.PREDICTEDSTULOAD field is not required when the StudentCourseSession has ended (StudentCourseSession.SCSENDDATE is returned). 

For students who are studying outside the UK throughout their Engagement but are returned in the Student record as they will spend more than 8 weeks in the UK during their Engagement (PRINONUK = 01) PREDICTEDSTULOAD must reflect only that part of the course undertaken in the UK.  

Reason Required
To monitor intensity of study and to allow analysis by FTE rather than by headcount. Particularly significant for analysing load and allocations of funding for part-time students.
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Revision History
Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes guidance added for students studying outside the UK throughout their Engagement. updated to match legacy Student and Student Alternative return - change to exclude 2 week SLC rule and dormant students. amended so it is no longer required where StudentCourseSession.STULOAD exists. added to guidance notes on how to record actual FTE once the StudentCourseSession has ended. updated to match legacy Student and Student Alternative return to exclude 2 week SLC rule, dormant students and where RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12.