Student course session start date(SCSSTARTDATE)

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Student course session start date
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This field records the start date of the StudentCourseSession.

This field should record the actual start date of the StudentCourseSession for the student as opposed to the expected date.

For taught students on structured courses, this is the date the student first engages with the structured teaching and learning within the Session Year. This may include any timetabled activity such as classes, lectures or induction/Freshers week, or engagement with online learning content.

The start of the StudentCourseSession would typically align with the start date of the associated SessionYear except for example if the student joins a SessionYear late.

The SCSSTARTDATE must fall within the dates of the associated SessionYear.

For students on postgraduate research and fully flexible courses, this field in the student's first StudentCourseSession should be returned as the date the student first engages with the course. In following StudentCourseSessions this field should be the year anniversary of the first SCSSTARTDATE.

Where the student is on their first StudentCourseSession, the engagement start date in Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE should be the same as in SCSSTARTDATE.

All date fields must be completed using the ISO8601 format of YYYY-MM-DD.

Reason Required
To indicate when a StudentCourseSession has started, to identify late starters, to determine whether to include a student in any particular population definition.
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