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Study proportion
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All StudyLocation entities

This field records the proportion of the StudentCourseSession's activity that this StudyLocation represents.

This records the proportion the StudentCourseSession activity that relates to each StudyLocation returned. Where the StudentCourseSession does not have any associated OffVenueActivity entities, the total proportions returned should add up to 100. Where the student does undertake OffVenueActivity (e.g. studying abroad or industrial placement), the proportions should be reduced to reflect this.

The data item is intended to record the proportion of the total duration of the StudentCourseSession. Providers are welcome to derive this proportion as they feel most appropriate.

 For example:

 A StudentCourseSession is a total of 100 days duration in length. The student spends 50 total days at Venue A. The STUDYPROPORTION for Venue A would be 50.

 Although excluded from StudyLocation, off-venue activity not lasting the full StudentCourseSession would also be apportioned in this way, with the proportion of total StudentCourseSession spent as Off-venue activity being subtracted from the total StudentCourseSession duration. This would be calculated using the duration between the ACTSTARTDATE and ACTENDDATE in days as a proportion of StudentCourseSession total duration in days.

If providers intend to use Modules as a basis for apportionment of StudentCourseSessions, it should be noted that this is only applicable for those Modules contained within a StudentCourseSession. If a Module spans more than one StudentCourseSession this should be further apportioned as appropriate.

This field can contain a value between 0 and 100 and can be recorded to one decimal place.

For further information and examples, please see Further guidance on returning Venues and StudyLocations.

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To establish the proportion of study the student is undertaking at different locations and delivered by different organisations.
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