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This entity holds the attributes for a given Course that students engage with.
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All Courses


Every active StudentCourseSession is linked to a Course.

Courses can be returned without associated StudentCourseSessions if it is easier for a provider to return all Courses rather than just those that are active in the reporting year.

A Course will have a specific qualification aim with associated subject(s) as well as a number of other attributes.

A new Course would be required to be returned where any of the following attributes change:

  • Course.BITTM
  • Course.CLSDCRS
  • Course.FULLYFLEX
  • Course.QUALID (if the Course is associated with a new Qualification, a new Course is required).
  • Course.SANDWICH
  • Course.TTCID

A new Course is also required based on changes to the CourseRole and QualificationSubject entities, please see the entity guidance for more information.

Architecture courses

Specific codes should be used for courses leading to registration with the Architects Registration Board. Use code H0003 for Part 1 (even if your assessment of the course is that it is at another level, such as level I). For parts 2 and 3, use the appropriate code to indicate the level of course as assessed by the provider (H0016 or M0021). For integrated courses that span parts 1 and 2, use code M0002. 

Architecture courses (England only)

Where students on Part 2 are subject to different student support regimes, two separate courses must be returned.

The SLC guidance on when Parts 1 and 2 should be treated as a continuation (i.e. eligible for undergraduate support) or be treated as separate courses (i.e. eligible for a Masters loan) is available here: 

Students who are eligible for a Masters loan should be coded as StudentCourseSession.NONREGFEE = 01 and (either CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID = 005 or StudentInitiative.STUINITID = 005) – this is where parts 1 and 2 are studied 3 or more years apart.

Students who are eligible for undergraduate student support should not be recorded in the StudentCourseSession.NONREGFEE field, and should not use either codes CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID = 005 or StudentInitiative.STUINITID = 005. 

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To hold fields that describe courses.
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Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes to Course.FUNDLEVEL updated to Course.PREREQUISITE. notes updated to clarify specific codes to be used for Architecture courses.