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Course initiative
Short Name
This entity records the specific initiative(s) associated with a Course.
Uniquely Identified By
Applicable To
England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All Courses where a named Initiative applies


This entity captures the specific Initiative(s) associated with a Course where this applies to all students on the Course. Where the initiative applies to a subset of students on a Course, this must be identified in the StudentInitiatives entity for each applicable student.

CourseInitiative.COURSEINITID is used to specify the scheme associated with a Course.

Where a Course has more than a single specific scheme associated with it, the entity can be returned multiple times.

Initiatives may only apply to a Course for a period of time, the valid from and to dates therefore indicate the period of time during which the initiative is valid. All students associated with the Course between these dates are therefore considered to be associated with the specified initiative(s). A valid to date is not required to be submitted as it may not be known how long an initiative will apply for. This prevents the need for a new Course to be created each time the associated initiatives change.

Quality Rules
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Reason Required
To enable monitoring of specific schemes of importance to HESA's public purpose customers.
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