Curriculum accreditation (CurriculumAccreditation)

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Curriculum accreditation
Short Name
This entity records the accreditation that a Professional, Statutory or Regulatory body (PSRB) has given to a Course.
Uniquely Identified By
Applicable To
England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All Courses at providers in Northern Ireland and Scotland where Course.TTCID = 01 or 02. All other Courses where applicable.


This entity records where the Course has an accreditation from a Professional, Statutory or Regulatory body (PSRB) for architecture, teaching and clinical bodies.

A Course can have multiple accreditations, one CurruciulumAccreditation entity is returned per accreditation.

If the Course has no relevant accreditation, this entity is not returned.

Courses can gain and lose accreditation, the valid from and to dates therefore indicate the period of time during which the accreditation is valid. All students associated with the Course between these dates are therefore considered to be aiming for the stated accreditation. A valid to date is not required to be submitted for an accreditation that is still valid as it may not be known how long an accreditation may be held. This prevents the need for a new Course to be created each time it gains or loses accreditation.

Teacher training courses

For providers in Northern Ireland and Scotland, this entity records the type of teacher training. For providers in England and Wales, this information is recorded in StudentAccreditationAim.


Quality Rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason Required
To enable identification of Courses which are relevant to particular PSRBs. To identify accreditation which a Course has, including teacher training and clinical accreditations.
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