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Qualification awarded
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This entity holds information related to a Qualification a Student has achieved.
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A QualificationAwarded entity is required for each qualification a Student achieves except where Engagement.INCOMINGEXCHANGE exists or (Leaver.ENGENDDATE - Engagement.ENGSTARTDATE <= 14 days and RSNENGEND = 03, 05, 11, 12)


This entity allows for the details of each qualification that a student is awarded to be returned.

Qualifications should be returned only when the awarding body has confirmed that the student has gained the award. Regulating bodies may check qualifications returned against data provided by awarding bodies, and query providers about discrepancies.

Interim awards

It is recognised, that there are courses where interim qualifications are awarded. Providers that award interim qualifications for students within an Engagement must return the information related to the interim qualification in the Qualifications awarded entity. In these cases a qualification would be returned without a Leaver entity.

Returning late awards

There may be cases where a student completes study in the reporting period but their results will not be known until the next reporting period. In these cases, the Engagement should be reported as ended in the reporting period in which the taught or structured part of the course is completed and Leaver.RSNENGEND would be returned with code 98 'Left but award of credit or a qualification not yet known'. In the next reporting period the provider would need to return the Engagement and QualificationAwarded entities to close the engagement, but StudentCourseSession should not be returned.

Resit awards

Following the completion of an engagement, a student may receive an award and will be returned with a Leaver.ENGENDDATE and QualificationAwarded entity. However, if this award is rescinded and the student then goes on to receive a subsequent award for the same engagement, a QualificationsAwarded entity should be returned to update the qualification. The Leaver.ENGENDDATE should only be updated if the student has completed further activity that would be considered a taught or structured part of the same engagement e.g. re-taking modules. This is to ensure providers are returning an accurate record of what the student achieved.

If the student receives a subsequent award for the same instance without engaging in any further activity that would be considered a taught or structured part of the same instance, e.g. following an appeal, the Leaver.ENGENDDATE would not be updated when returning the QualificationsAwarded entity.

If the classification of the student's award changes, a QualificationsAwarded entity is required to update the classification to ensure providers are returning an accurate record of what the student achieved.

Where a student has engaged in further activity this year in an attempt to improve their qualification or classification from the previous year, and is unsuccessful, the retained qualification should not be resent to HESA, as this would result in double counting.

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To monitor the achievement of qualification aims and the classification of awards for publication on the Unistats website.
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