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Study location
Short Name
This entity records the location(s) associated with the StudentCourseSession, including distance learning
Uniquely Identified By
Applicable To
England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All StudentCourseSessions where applicable


A StudyLocation is required to be returned where:

  • The student is studying in the UK at the provider's or a partner's venue
  • The student is distance learning
  • The student will spend the majority of their Engagement outside the UK and is currently outside the UK (if they are currently in the UK, their activity is recorded in the same way as other students).
  • The student is undertaking an apprenticeship and the teaching is at the provider or the partner's venue. This should exclude activity at a workplace for providers in England and Scotland.

A StudentCourseSession would have no StudyLocation returned where:

  • There is no activity for the StudentCourseSession i.e. the student is dormant.
  • All the activity for the StudentCourseSession is:
    • Recorded in OffVenueActivity, for example the student is on a placement for the full year
    • Writing-up outside the UK (recorded using SessionStatus.STATUSCHANGEDTO = 04 and StudentCourseSession.STUDYABROAD).
    • A combination of the two

The StudyLocation entity should be returned multiple times for a StudentCourseSession where applicable, for example, if the student studies at more than one Venue.

The information recorded in this entity should reflect the location(s) for the entire StudentCourseSession, it may therefore change between reference periods if the student does not study at the locations as expected.

For further information and examples, please see the Further guidance on returning Venues and StudyLocations.

Quality Rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason Required
To record the geographical locations of students for funding allocations, Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) metrics and regional profiles to identify cold spots for certain subjects areas and monitor student migration by subject area. To record the organisations delivering learning at these locations. To record which students are distance learning and whether distance learning students are based in the UK or overseas.
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Coding Manual VersionElement VersionNotes of coverage statement. added to clarify returning a student undertaking an apprenticeship at the provider or a partner's venue.