Student Record - 22056

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  • Version: 1.8.2 Produced 30/08/2023
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Introduction - Background information relating to the collection
Data Protection Guidance - Information about how Data Protection legislation affects the processing of Student data by HESA.

Data Specification

Coverage - The criteria for the return of data in the record.
Data Collection Schedule - Details of the key dates and deadlines for the 22056 Student Record.
Data Dictionary - Directory of all data items collected, displayed by entity.
Derived Fields - Documentation for the derived fields that are currently being specified for the HESA Data Platform.
Physical Data Model - Describes the data items included in the record and the relationships between them.
XSD - Schema for the structure of the XML file.

Submission process and quality assurance

HESA data entry tool - a program which will produce XML data in the format required for submission
Quality Rules - Validation which enforces the quality of the submitted data

Further guidance

Backward Mapping - A mapping from the data futures specification to existing fields in the current student returns.
Coding Manual Tools - A suite of web pages to complement and enhance the information published in the coding manual.
Data Migration - Guidance on data migration from the legacy data model to the Data Futures data model.
Data Standards - This document describes the adoption of relevant data standards in the HESA Student Record.
DfE Programmes - Guidance and scenarios on the return of key fields for DfE programmes.
Dormancy - Guidance and scenarios on the return of dormant students.
Draft Quality Rules - A list of all specified quality rules, including those awaiting development.
Engagement - Link to information and guidance on engagement
Enriched File Specification - Contains detail of the format and content of the enriched data file produced in HDP.
Entry Profile Specification - This document provides the specification for entry profile data that will be pulled forward for continuing students from legacy 51/54 collections.
Entry Profile coverage rules methodology - An overview on the methodology on Entry Profile coverage rules.
Exceptional Guidance - A link to a further exceptional guidance page.
Forward Mapping - A mapping guide between Legacy and Data Futures.
Full Time Equivalence - Guidance and scenarios on the return of full time equivalence
HESA Data Platform (HDP) - Access the HDP for submitting data to HESA.
Nil return sign off form - The form to be submitted to HESA when the higher education provider will not be returning Student record data.
OffVenueActivity and Placements - Link to information and guidance on OffVenueActivity and Placements
PGR Collaborative Supervision - Guidance and scenarios on the return of PGR collaborative supervision.
SLC and HESA Date Definitions - Guidance and scenarios on the date definitions with SLC
Session Years and Student Course Sessions - Link to information and guidance on Session Years and Student Course Sessions
Support Guides - Support guides including known issues.
Tariff Data - A view of the UCAS tariff point aggregation data.
Understanding student continuity and the USN link - An introduction to USN linking with worked examples
Understanding the Data Model - Guidance on viewing the data model including types of entity relationships.
Validation Overview - An overview of the validation process for the new Student return model.
Venue and StudyLocation - Guidance and scenarios on the return of venues and study locations.